From snacks to signature dishes

SMITS' peeled and sliced ​​onions are practical and professional. They’re loved by big and small businesses, in high quantities for industrial meal preparation, or used as a finishing touch in smaller kitchens.

Chef and restaurant owner Arthur Kissels has been working with SMITS' onions for nine years. “When you look at my restaurant’s menu, you’ll see I put the onion at the heart of almost each dish. SMITS made it possible for me to do so; the mise-en-place requires considerably less work, while the pre-sliced ​​onions have the quality of a homemade ingredient”, he says, “and my orders are delivered within 24 hours, which is perfect for unexpected big batches of certain meals.”

At SMITS, we keep our promises: our ready-made products ease the workload in the kitchen, and effortlessly refine the chef's workflow – and the taste of every recipe.
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Any well-rounded dish starts with an excellent basis. SMITS' onions are large, firm in structure, and high-quality. To maintain maximum shelf life, we use the latest technology. Our onion cubes and rings are 100% natural: no additives, and full of flavor.
11-day shelf life
Save labor costs
Zero waste
Ease of use


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